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Welcome to Theatrical Corner, a performing arts studio designed for children ages 3 and up. Theatrical Corner understands the importance of performing arts and the profound role they play in a young child’s development. Regardless of gender, participation in various art programs provides numerous benefits to both social and emotional development.

Involvement in theatre and dance fosters creativity by stimulating the brain and allowing children to be innovative. Practicing the art of acting and performing allows children to gain emotional stability & self-confidence. Children who perform in either dance or drama have been found to have higher self-esteem, and greater maturity levels than their peers.

Our programs are designed to promote self-confidence and motivate children to depend on themselves creatively. We expose our children to various forms of song and music with the intent of introducing them to cultures that may be different from their own.

The end result is a child who is diversely exposed to art and culture, confident, and academically stimulated through memorization and problem solving skills.

We encourage you to Empower Your Child and visit our studio today!